Thursday, 15 September 2016

Hire Android App Developer – Company Vs Freelancer

If you have an Android app idea and want to execute it with great perfection, quality and affordability, then you surely need to hireAndroid app developer. However, the main question arrives in such condition is where to find the best Android developer. Essentially, you have two options – company and freelancers. While you may easily find freelancers on innumerable websites out there, you may also find thousands of Android app development companies in the market. The main question is about finding the best one amongst them.

And the bigger question is determining which option would be more suitable for you. both of them have their respective pros and cons. So let’s discuss each of them in details:
Hire Android App Developer – The Company:
There are thousands, if not millions, of Android app development companies out there offering highly professional services at very affordable prices. But before you go and select one of them, read the pros and cons they have:
  1. App development companies have required resources, experience, team and tools to create powerful apps that is hard to find with freelancers.
  2. You get highly professional services with a company.
  3. In any case, your work doesn’t stop because a company always have a backup or replacement developer to resume your work.
  4. You get a center of communication that makes it easier for you to communicate with.
  5. App development companies are more trustworthy than freelancers.
  6. There is full chance of getting your work complete, because a company completes your work on any cost.
  1. Cost is the primary concern with app development companies. Generally, you have to pay more to a company than a freelancer.
  2. Android app development companies have their specific working hours which may or may not suit with you, particularly if you have some time-zone difference.
  3. Generally, an app development companies charge for any extra work you ask them to do, even if it’s very small.
  4. It’s not the company that works on your app, it’s an individual developer working there. So you cannot be assured about the skills and experience of that particular developer.
Hire Android App Developer – Freelancers:
With the access to hundreds of freelancing websites like UpWork, PeoplePerHour etc, you have the choice to hire an independent developer for your Android application development requirements. In case of hiring a freelancer, you have full control on what kind of developer you want to hire. But there are some limitations too. Below are the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer:
  1. Generally, freelancers charge less than a company. Even if you hire a freelancer on hourly basis, it will cost you significantly less.
  2. A freelancer can work as per your schedule and convenience. Even if there is big time zone difference between you and him, he can still work with you according to your time.
  3. A freelancer generally remains available to do the small tasks you assign without charging extra money.
  4. You have the full control over selecting the person to work on your app. So you may decide how much experience or what skills you want in the developer.
  1. It becomes very hard to find a suitable and trustworthy freelancer. Even if someone has good reviews and testimonials, chances of incompatibility are still there.
  2. Generally, freelancers don’t entertain Non-Disclosure Agreement which may result in using your idea or app for their promotional activities.
  3. Android app development is a task that requires sophisticated tools and gadgets. Freelancers generally can’t afford them.
  4. While working with a freelancer, you may need to hire different people for app designing, development and testing. This issue is easily resolved when you hire Android app development company.
  5. There are many events when a freelancer stopped working on the project in middle, eventually resulting in huge time and money loss for the clients.
  6. If the freelancer is sick or has any other reason and is not able to work for a few days, your work may go on hold.
Apparently, hiring a company instead of a freelancer is always a better choice. It may cost you some extra bucks but this amount is perfectly justified with the quality and professionalism you get. So if you are planning to Hire Android App Developer, give priority to a company to attain top notch services.

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