Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Joomla Development Services

Being a highly popular and powerful content management system, Joomla powers more than 2.5 million websites across the world. There are certain reasons that make sure this technology is used with utmost perfection. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Joomla is that it’s an open source technology, which means, it’s completely free to use. Many more reasons are there that makes Joomla a CMS powerhouse and Joomla Development Services a highly demanded opportunity.
Here is a list of top-10 reasons suggesting why everyone should go for Joomla Development Services:
  1. It’s Open Source:
Joomla is an open source CMS platform licensed under GNU. Being an open source platform means anyone can see, use or modify the code.
  1. It’s Free:
Using Joomla is completely free for developers. You do not have to spend anything in buying codes or license. You may use it for any purpose you want, without worrying about anything.
  1. It’s SEO Friendly:
SEO remains a big concern for webmaster because what matters the most in web-world is having strong online presence. Joomla has the inbuilt SEO features that make it easy for webmaster to gain superior online presence of their website.
  1. It’s Highly Secured:
Security is an important parameter for any content management system, and Joomla is most secured platform amongst all CMS platforms. In fact, they have a dedicated team called Joomla Security Strike Team (JSST) that looks after the security concerns of this platform. So if you have a website built on Joomla, you may always rest assured about its security.
  1. It’s Easy to Integrate:
Want to integrate a custom template in your website – it’s easier than you think. Joomla allows you to easily integrate the templates of your choice with just a few clicks of your mouse. It also supports different templates for different pages – a feature that no other content management system provides.
  1. It’s Multi-lingual:
Joomla supports multiple languages and different language packages are available on Joomla official website. Also, there is a real-time translator that translates your website to your desired language in real time. This means, if you have a non-English website, you may still use the salient features of Joomla, and you can create a website in different languages and can change your language with a click.
  1. Huge Extension Gallery:
Joomla comes with a framework housing innumerable extensions, so it becomes easier for a Joomla Development Company to integrate the extensions. These extensions are divided into three segments, namely Component, Module and& Plugin. Along with the Joomla official website, you may also find many extensions on the web.
  1. It’s Frequently Updated:
Joomla developers take care of the updates and the platform is regularly updated. Each new version comes with more features, more security and more reliability.
  1. Great Community Support:
With a team of dozens of Joomla official developers and millions of other developers, Joomla has a strong online community. So if you face any issue, simply post your concerns and you will get it resolved right away.
  1. Great Documentation:
New to Joomla and still want to play with it, go for the documentations. Joomla offers huge documentation library containing resources and guides for everything you need.
Joomla is trusted by thousands of leading businesses across the globe and it’s a good fit for businesses of all sizes. So if you are a business owner who wants to see his business thriving, hire a Joomla Development Company and enjoy the powerful features of this powerful content management system.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Checklist to Find the Best iPhone App Development Company

iPhone application development isn't a piece-of-cake, and utilizing an iPhone application designer is still more a troublesome undertaking. With such a variety of companies coming into the business sector, it is extremely difficult to locate an expert and talented iPhone application development company. Be that as it may, master software developers have unfathomable information of outlining and creating different sorts of iPhone applications.

When you enlist an expert iPhone application development company, you have to know whether he is equipped for building a limitless scope of applications that fall in different classifications. The company ought to be capable in different iPhone application development administrations. The immaculate applications created ought to be useful for your business.

Here are a few iPhone applications development benefits that you have to check when you employ an iPhone app development company.

iPhone Games App Development:

The company ought to have an innovative edge to manufacture recreations that are connecting with and instinctive, while simple to play by best using the components of iPhone apps by incredible representation and great sound experience. It ought to have created unlimited assortment of amusements for various classifications. He should be knowledgeable with 2D and 3D diversion development technique, which serves as a portal for unmatchable amusement development.

GPS Enabled Apps:

Your development company ought to be knowledgeable with GPS based systems. GPS highlights coordinate mobile timesheets, location tracking, alerts and comprehensive location reporting to catch field information. Your iPhone development company needs significant information about GPS framework, which empower to convey complex GPS tracking systems.

Social Networking Apps:

An expert applications development firm ought to have amazing knowledge in building intelligent person to person communication iPhone applications. Person to person communication applications get you associated with your companions whether you are inside a bar, lodging, eatery, shopping center, transport, or home. These applications find new companions, get their area, visit, get live news overhaul by means of alerts, tell the occasions happening close to your region and some more. In this way, a designer talented in creating social networking applications can help your business development.

Aside from giving these development benefits, your iPhone application development company ought to have skill in utilizing development devices of Apple, for example, Objective C, Cocoa Touch system, Xcode, alongside Accelerometer, Bonjour Web, GPS, Core Location Framework, Audio Video Foundation system, stream programming, and Quartz. Having astounding abilities in utilizing every one of these apparatuses help designers to fabricate brilliant applications according to the prerequisites of the customers. These applications created will help organizations to increase front line over their competition.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Android Vs iOS – Which is the Better Platform for App Development?

Due to the increasing popularity of smartphones, innumerable manufacturers jumped into the industry and started making smartphones with diverse capabilities. And to support these powerful gadgets, some giants developed the operating systems that make these gadgets more powerful. Today, we have a dozen of smartphone platforms that give us the ability to thing beyond simple communication. And at the same time, these platforms create a chaos for businesses when they plan to create apps for different platform.
However, the smartphone OS marketplace is dominated by two big players namely Android and iOS. Both of these platforms have millions of users and millions of applications running over them. Considering the simple fact that each of them has its sophisticated audience and user-base, establishing the superiority is a tough task. Android Development is a sensible choice, and iPhone is the future of business world. This is the reason why it becomes necessary for a business to choose the better platform while creating a business app.
Here are a few options you have in your hands while choosing the right platform for mobile application development:
Solely developed for Apple’s small gadgets and people from Europe, America and the Gulf areas, iOS is a platform with massive abilities. Developed by the visionary Steve Jobs and his team at Apple, iOS is perhaps the most reputed and valued operating system after Microsoft. So when we talk about small-screen gadgets, nothing can challenge the power of iOS.
  • A solid reason for developing apps for this platform is – people using an iPhone are the actual customer of your products or services. This is because they are well aware of the tech-world.
  • Another reason is – Apple itself guarantees the quality of apps running on iOS. The superior animation and visibility enhances the performance of your apps.
  • The coding is done on Swift and Objective C, which means, your apps are more scalable, dependable and expandable.
  • Apps developed on iOS run on any device developed by Apple, which include iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
Note: if you are planning to create a business app, iOS is the right platform for you. people using iOS devices are more business-minded, creating a perfect platform for your apps.
The most popular smartphone operating system is Android, running more than 2 billion users across the globe, dominating almost 60 percent of the smartphone marketplace. Need not to say that if you have an application built on Android, you have the largest piece of pie in your plate.
  • Need more reasons to choose Android as your app development platform – here is one more. Android gets as much new users per month as iOS has in all. This means, this extravagant platform acquires an iOS marketplace every single month.
  • Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturing company in the world, and it has a collaboration with Google. This means, each device built by Samsung will run on Android only.
  • More than 85 percent of Chinese smartphones run on Android. And you must know that China mobile market is huge, very huge.
  • Android apps are created on Java, the most secured and dependable programming language. This means, you will get more security, reliability and dependability in your apps.
  • Expansion scopes are endless with Android. All it takes is some creativity from your end, and you may enable any feature that you can ever imagine.
  • App developed on Android platform runs on all devices including smartphones, tablets and even SmartWatch. And remember, SmartWatch is the burgeoning trend.
Note: Android is a platform well-suited for every utility. Be it a business app, a gaming app, a social networking app or a messenger, you may use Android for virtually everything.
Keep all these factors in mind while developing an app, however you must avoid these 5 mistakes while going for mobile app development. If you are not certain which one to choose, consult with us. We will give you a clear idea of what to go for.