Thursday, 7 February 2019

Want To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales - See How to Use Technology for Growth

Technology is the best thing happened to the world, and so is true for e-commerce.
If you are into e-commerce business or an eCommerce web development company and want to increase the sales for your online shop, clients or m-commerce app, the right technologies can help you a lot in that. Let us tell you how.
  • E-Commerce Technologies
You need a website or mobile app to run an e-commerce business. It is the prerequisite for selling online. With dozens of open-source technologies available in the market, there are so many cost-efficient choices for e-commerce businesses, such as Magento web development, etc. 
As per the demand of your e-commerce business idea, audience, technical expertise and skills of your development team, you may choose the right technology. For example, WordPress development company prefer developing WooCommerce stores.
  • Artificial Intelligence
AI is a very powerful technology. It helps the businesses personalize the content being delivered to your users. In the case of e-commerce, you can deploy sophisticated AI algorithms to capture the behavior of your users and suggest them the best purchase options as per their previous purchases or available information.
AI can also help the online shops re-target their customers, identify right prospects and create efficient sales tunnels.
  • Analytics and Forecasting
Good insights of your customers and business help you make better decisions. It not only increases your customer acquisition efficiency but customer retention and satisfaction rate too. Analytics and forecasting technologies help in that.
If you have opted for Shopify web development services, it offers a full-fledged analytics system for your help. Same is true for other technologies too. You may use Google Analytics and other advanced tools to analyze customer-related metrics.
  • Digital Supply Chain
To meet the expectations of your buyers, you need to provide efficient, quality-driven and fast services. Digital Supply Change Management technology can help e-commerce businesses here. From setting up omnichannel marketing strategies to provide great analytics data, it is capable of doing everything you need.
IoT, Big Data, Supply Chain Management are other such pioneering technologies makes it a good option for B2B as well as B2C e-commerce businesses.
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
Need for marketing business cannot be under-estimated. If you will do so, mishaps may happen.
To sustain well in the digital e-commerce ecosystem, you have to market your products and services well. And from offline print media to online social/digital media, nothing can run without technologies behind these.
  • App Development
Mobiles have become an integral part of our lives, increasing the possibilities of business for e-commerce sector there. Small screen device users are more interested in using native apps than a browser. Hence, getting your own e-commerce app could be your next strategy to gain regular customers.
Having an app also allows you to retain customers by engaging them on regular basis. You may send push notifications and provide good user experience to make conditions favorable for you.
  • Chatbots
People like quick response and assistance.
Most of the customers have similar queries and once you deploy an advanced AI-based chatbot to answer these queries, customers feel satisfied. Chatbots can increase the customer retention rate to a good extent.
  • Image Search
Sometimes a buyer purchases something and uploads its picture on social media.
Now if someone wants to buy a similar product and he/she do not know the name of that product exactly, they can use image search. Image search will direct it to your store, gaining traffic and buyers for you. Isn’t this technology awesome for e-commerce industry?
Which technology, do you think, is influencing the e-commerce sector the most? Let us know or hire WordPress Developer to your thoughts by commenting below.

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